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Frequent Questions & Answers

Reputation Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Due to recent changes in search engine criteria for how to rank in search engine placements (SERPS), much emphasis is now being placed upon your business’s reputation. Now everyone in the world can see how your customers, patients, and clients, view and rate your product and services.

No one likes to have negative reviews written about them and almost every business owner that we have talked with has described the negative views about them as falling into 3 basic categories: unethical competitors, disgruntled ex-employees and irrational customers. However, the fact of the matter is that 72% of all people who read these reviews will take them at face value and as being real.

This section of Welcome Social Media answers many of the questions business owners like you have with the issues relating to handling these negative reviews and how to create more positive ones to project a better image to those who find information about your business. Just click on the question (or the “+” sign on the right) and the answer will appear.

Q: I do not have any reviews online will that affect my online reputation?

Having no reviews means you are not trusted online. Reviews are playing a major role in winning businesses these days and there is simply no way to get away from reviews. And if you have no reviews its just as bad as having negative reviews. Google went to Google + is because of the social interaction feature similar to Facebook. Your reputation is stuck to your website and you simply can’t get away from it. Essentially, you are standing naked to the whole world.

Picture this: A consumer is researching local you on Google and Yelp and 10 other review sites. Your business has no reviews. The next-closest competitor is 10 miles down the road but has multiple positive ratings.

Where will that shopper go? A recent study of buyers say online reviews influence where they shop. And many of those buyers are willing to drive long distances to connect with those businesses with positive 5-star reviews.

Q: Can I remove negative reviews written about my business on websites like Google+, Facebook, Yelp.com or others?

A: You should make every effort to prevent customers from getting to the point of writing a negative review. Running and owning a business isn't easy, and no matter how well it is run, there will always be customers who are unhappy with the product or service provided.

If your business is getting bad reviews then fundamentally you have a problem somewhere in your sales process, or you wouldn't be getting bad reviews. However, if you provide great services, great products then you will get great reviews. The fact that you are getting bad reviews says that there is a problem in your sales process

Can the negative reviews be removed?

It is very difficult to get negative reviews written about your business removed from any review site. There are a few exceptions such as outright slander and salacious content. There are some reputation management companies that have claimed that they can remove them for you because of “loopholes” or “legal means” that they use to get them taken off. The majority of these cases is simple not true and is a waste of money and time in doing so. The most effective way to remove the influence of negative reviews is to have a large quantity of positive reviews that either push the negative reviews on to the following page or simply overwhelm negative ones with a bunch of positives.

Q: I found that I had some negative reviews that had been written about me 2 or 3 years ago. Isn't there any way I can be notified that they have been posted?

A: You’re not alone in finding out about this very late in the game and most studies show that every negative review that people read result in the loss of approximately 30 customers per year depending upon your industry. It is very important that these negative reviews are dealt with quickly because they can have a negative impact for a very long time.

One of the services we offer is a 24/7/365 review monitoring program that gives you specific alerts about your business from over 45 different review sites. This makes it possible to find out within hours (sometimes minutes) of any negative reviews posted about you so you can then take action right away and not just let it sit there driving more and more people away from your business.

Q: How should I respond to negative reviews? Should I fight back and defend myself or should I leave it alone?

A: This is one of the most important questions on this page and this issue must be handled very delicately. The first thing is that when someone leaves a negative review about you, no matter how preposterous or emotionally written, it is important that you respond to whatever they say so as to not leave it out there for everyone to believe everything that is written.

But it is also not in your best interest to try and defend yourself and/or make the person appear to be a liar or an idiot. This can cause a boiling teapot to become a volcano of emotion and accusations. If what they say is true, no matter how difficult it may be for you, admit the fault. Apologize as best you can and point out to the reader that “Yes, we are human, and we do make mistakes. We did reach out to do everything possible to fix this issue but nothing was resolved.”

But whatever you do, don’t pour gas on a burning fire by claiming they are wrong, even though sometimes it is extremely difficult to do. When people are highly emotional and in a distressed state they will say many things that just aren't true but you cannot accuse them of inaccuracies. It will only make things worse. Just wish them the best and say something about your sorrow for things not turning out as you had hoped.

Q: Doesn't it take a lot of time and energy to collect positive reviews?

A: There are several ways in which to try and collect positive reviews from your customers, some are more effective than others and some of them far more time-consuming than others. If you choose to do it yourself we recommend sending them an email thanking them for their business and asking for a positive review.

If you decide to go with our Welcome Social Media system it is extremely easy to acquire a large variety of positive reviews over time.

It can be as simple as having an iPad, other tablet device, or a computer on your front counter that is open to Welcome Social Media and asking the customer to rate their experience with you right then and there. This device can be conveniently placed near the receptionist while they pay the bill, or an iPad or tablet can be taken in a delivery van on location.

Another way to acquire positive reviews quickly is give your customers a small poster or postcard with a QR code that will lead them to your review page. This can be accessed via mobile phone with the same system generating more reviews for your business or practice.

You can also send an email to your customers asking for their review with a link to your review page; and/or give your customers a destination phone number to send a text message to which will text them back the link to your review page. You can even have your customers call in on a phone line and leave an audio testimonial which is then automatically transcribed and placed on your website.

Our Welcome Social Media Reputation Marketing System provides you with eight different ways in which we can collect reviews from your customers all of which are handled automatically. No one in your office has to lift a finger! We do it all for you and we do it seamlessly . . .

Q: Can I offer a reward to someone to try and get them to leave a positive review?

A: It is very important that you DO NOT incentives your review program. It is highly unethical to offer a free coupon, or literally anything, to try to get somebody to leave a positive review. It has been “rumoured” that Google and Yelp.com will punish businesses they catch performing such actions. It is perfectly okay to send your customers free coupons after they have left a positive review to thank them, but we urge you not to tell them ahead of time that’s what you’re going to do.

Q: Do I need to have permission from my customers to post a review that they have written and sent to me?

A: Yes, it is very important that you get documentation that they have agreed to allow you to post a review or testimonial that they have sent you. Even though they have sent one to you it does not automatically give you license to post it somewhere for others to read.

Our Welcome Social Media system takes care of this for you as well. Welcome Social Media includes acquiring the permissions necessary by asking your customers to accept the terms that will give permission for you to use the review they are sending. When your customers accept the terms for permission it is automatically documented in the Welcome Social Media system and kept for review if needed at a later date requiring no time from you or your employees to obtain the needed permissions from your customers.

Q: If I have permission from someone to use their testimonial or review of my business where can I post that review?

A: There are only two ethical places that you can post reviews sent to you by your customers: your Facebook page and your own business website, usually in a testimonial section or page.

There are a few Reputation Management companies that promote the idea that you can create profiles for people and post them on other websites. However, this is somewhat of a gray area and one that may create a potential problem for you down the road.

Let’s suppose that a customer sent you a testimonial along with permission to post it. If you create a new profile for them and post their review of your business on another site like “MerchantCircle.com” there is a risk in the future that this customer may discover that information and become quite upset that you posted their information to a site they did not agree to.

How would you like a potential misuse of your name and image? They did not set up the account, you did, and therefore the potential for a loss of trust and especially the loss of a client, along with potential legal battles is one reason we do not recommend this procedure even though it is technically not illegal to do so at this time.

Q: I asked some of my friends to leave some comments about my business on a few social media sites and review sites. Now I can't find my page or business listing in Google. What happened?

A: Google has been throwing out reviews left and right and centre. This is not a bug in Google's system but the outcome of a newly aggressive review spam filter. Each of the review sites that are available such as Google, Yelp.com and others do not appreciate business owners trying to take advantage of their system for personal gain.

There are a few things these sites look for when any review comes in about a particular business. They use a detailed and sophisticated algorithm that monitors everything from how quickly individual reviews came in, how soon they came in compared to others, the actual IP address of the computer where they came from, and whether it was the same or similar in details as other reviews sent in.

If they determine that something fishy might be going on and that a business owner is trying to game the system they can, and usually will delete the majority of those reviews.

Make no mistake about it, although rare, business review companies such as Google and Yelp can and occasionally do completely de-list business websites because of flagrant violations.

Q: I can't get anybody to leave positive reviews about my business. They only say negative things. Are you claiming that Welcome Social Media can change this?

A: The age-old adage is that when people are happy with your business they’ll tell a few friends, but if they are unhappy with your business they will tell the world. The difficulty now is that everybody is connected to the entire world through the Internet and it is very easy to tell hundreds or thousands of people about a negative experience in a very short period of time.

It is true that people are not highly motivated to leave a review about your business no matter how good of experience they had simply because it requires too much of their time to do so.

Welcome Social Media alleviates that issue.

Your customers will no longer have to search for a review site where your business might be listed, find the place in that listing where they can leave a review and then actually take the time to type something once found. Some review sites also require that your customer has an account before they are able to post anything about anybody’s business. All of these things make it all the more difficult for someone to leave a review.

Our Welcome Social Media system has an automated process whereby once they leave a short positive review about your business, it is instantly posted on your business’s Facebook page and your website testimonial page. Your customer receives an email back thanking them for leaving that review.

The review your customers write is then listed along with a button making it possible for them to easily post the exact same review on 1 of 3 different websites and in exactly the right place. Although everyone does not take advantage of such a system we have noticed a substantial increase in the number of positive reviews written about our customers products and services

Q: Is there an instant way to find out when somebody has written a negative about me?

A: Although many people have discovered a program called “Google Alerts” (and this is going away very soon in case you did not know), it is not a very good indicator or monitor when it comes to negative reviews about a business. Suppose someone is on Manta.com and they posted a negative review about your business. Since they are on your business page they usually don’t type in the exact name of your business (because that’s what the Google alert is looking for, your name) Google Alerts will not notify you of this review. We have a process whereby every 3 to 6 hours everyone of the 45+ review sites are monitored for any additional content and this can be reported back to you whenever this occurs.

Q: I had some of my employee’s write some positive reviews about my business but they all got taken down. Why?

A: As already mentioned it is extremely important that you do NOT have employees, family or friends these reviews about your business because the review sites will know if something improper is taking place. The only true and ethical way to get positive reviews are ones that come from your customers, freely and of their own volition from their own computer.

Here's an example comes from a recent post at Automotive News, which relates that Google is suddenly and without warning deleting dozens, sometimes hundreds of reviews of car dealerships at Google+ Local. Google isn’t explaining why, exactly, reviews are disappearing. But it did release a boilerplate statement noting that “these measures help everyone by ensuring that the reviews appearing on Google+ Local are authentic, relevant, and useful,” giving the indication that there was reason to believe the reviews were fake or somehow inauthentic.

Q: How come people don't have to leave their real name and information when writing a negative review?

A: Some review sites do have the requirement that for anyone to leave any kind of review, they must sign in and create an account. But not all review sites require this and this has caused many problems for businesses because they have no idea, in some cases, who has written a negative review, therefore leaving no way to resolve the issue. It is understandable why most review sites would want someone to have an account for a variety of reasons.

First of all, they now have a new customer using their service and they also have access to some information about them. They know their name, their phone number, their email address and a whole host of other things. But that same information then also causes a problem, or potential problem, between the relationships of the person leaving the review and the company that they listed it with. In the crazy world that we live in today there is no telling what can possibly happen between a business owner or employee and an unhappy customer. Keeping some sort of anonymity between the two therefore becomes a safety factor for the customer, but that also leaves open the potential for abuse, so it is a two-edge sword.

It has been reported that Google+ would now require everyone who left a review about a business to have an account with them, but that was months ago and still it is not a requirement in all cases.

Q: I am so mad at Yelp.com because they keep taking down positive reviews written about my business and leaving just the negative ones. What can I do about this? How come they are still in business? Has anybody successfully sued them?

A: Yelp.com is truly the wild card of all review sites and the one that has generated (by far) the most complaints against it. There have been a number of lawsuits filed against Yelp.com but none of them have been victorious that we know of as of this date. We have heard story after story about businesses that are furious at Yelp.com for removing positive reviews and keeping the negative ones. Many of them reported that they had gotten in contact with Yelp.com and demanded that they stop this activity, but Yelp.com has allegedly replied something to the following, “well, if you will pay us $500 per month for our marketing services, we will see what we can do about keeping up the positive reviews written about you.”

Several of these businesses have replied that they thought this was mafia like tactics and extortion. Yelp.com has also allegedly replied that this was not extortion but it was the way they did business. I wish this was an isolated incident, but it isn't and there have been lawsuits about it, but Yelp.com has won them all so far.

According to business times - Yelp tries to filter such reviews out of its ratings, and apparently so does Google+ Local. As a result, one auto dealership saw its number of reviews drop from 300 to just 11, and the reviews that were left were mostly negative. Before the mass deletion, the dealership had a rating of 29 out of 30 points; afterward, the rating was in the single digits.

Which rating is more accurate—the one before or after Google got rid of hundreds of reviews? It’s hard to say. Google and Yelp admit that their systems sometimes wind up flagging perfectly legitimate reviews. But that’s better than leaving up reviews that are very likely bogus, they claim.

Bear in mind that it’s not just positive reviews that are sometimes fake. They’re not only generating fake positive reviews for their businesses, but they’re also producing fake negative reviews as well.

Q: How many review sites are there? It seems like they have popped up out of nowhere and everybody is posting reviews about everybody else.

A: We don’t know exactly how many review sites there are but there are 5 major ones and 40+ minor ones. The major ones include Google, Yelp.com, Facebook, InsiderPages and AngiesList.com. All of the other ones are considered more minor when it comes to leaving reviews and testimonials. Our program monitors 45+ websites and allows postings of new reviews on 28 of them (although it is not likely that you will use all 28).

Q: Are reviews really that important? I even see reviews of online pay per click ads.

A: Yes reviews are extremely important and it can completely change the online world for any business. It is fascinating to see that even someone who is paying for an ad on Google now has a review strip of stars that give people’s opinion about this product. It’s no longer safe to just have the money to pay for an ad to gain credibility; the reviews are always taken into account.

However, this is also a good thing because it has forced businesses to be more customer cantered and not just money cantered. It has given tremendous control back to the consumer and so if they are treated right, they can be your best ally.

The sad thing is that the opposite has also occurred where customers threaten to use negative reviews about a business in order to gain some advantage with that business. Some want free service or free installation, others just want money and it’s all over the map. It’s a crazy world out there.

When businesses look to engage with their customers online, social media is overwhelmingly the avenue they pursue for almost anything online now. And while social media is an excellent way to develop a relationship with clients, customers and prospect alike, actively managing online reviews is an often-overlooked.

The reality is that local businesses face high stakes when it comes to online reviews, and according to a BrightLocal study conducted last year:

72% of consumers surveyed said they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

52% said that positive online reviews make them more likely to use a local business

Q: I understand how important it is to treat my customers right and to make them happy, but it is very difficult to instill the same desire I have about my customers into my employee’s daily actions. What do you have help me train them in this area?

A: Every one of our customers in the Silver and Gold programs have a personalized training program that teaches them the importance of treating customers right and making sure they’re happy. There is a series of videos that takes approximately 40 minutes to watch and afterwards, they are given a test regarding what they just learned. Now only the person who set up the test knows the results. If they missed something or did not do well on the test, they can then take the test again and see if they can do better. The purpose here is to educate them, not fire them. You want to have good and conscientious employees that are aware of how their actions affect your customers. It also gives them an overview of the system and how everything works together in a coordinated effort, to not only prevent negative reviews, but generate new positive ones.

Q: Why do some people call it Reputation Marketing and other people call it Reputation Management?

A: Reputation Management is something that has been around for some time and although we instill aspects of management into our reputation generation program, we feel the most valuable thing is to generate a 5-star reputation for your company and then market that reputation to the rest of the world and acquire more customers. When a business understands how important their reputation is, they will do all they can to let people know what others think about them. Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most powerful methods of all and is essentially a social marketing system. Reputation Marketing is taking word-of-mouth advertising to a much larger scale and allowing more people to see what others say about you. It isn't just management, it is marketing and that’s why we use the term Reputation Marketing instead of reputation management. Every business needs marketing to make money and that is far better than relying upon management. Marketing allows for and plans for growth of the company. Management is just controlling things that are in-house.

Q: How much does reputation marketing program cost? What is involved in setting up your system?

A: We do not publish the prices of our reputation marketing program on our website for a number of reasons, mostly due to competition and some unethical tactics that have occurred to our business in the past. There are number things that are involved in setting up a proper reputation marketing system for your business. First of all the code is created that is specific to your business allowing you to have the application work on any web browser compatible device including: desktop computers, tablets, phones, etc. This software cost us tens of thousands of pounds to create with a small army of programmers. It is also necessary to keep maintaining the software with all the latest changes that are occurring in the Internet world. We have a staff of full-time programmers that we continue to pay their salaries to keep things up-to-date.

There is also the implementation of all of the other aspects of our program, which can be viewed on the products page. Each of these 3 areas requires a significant investment in time in order that you may get the reports and details each month that you are looking for.

You will need to keep in close contact with us as we coordinate new listings and verification data that you will receive. Please keep all postcards that may come to your office, no matter how boring they look, if they are from companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others. We don’t want to have to re-verify this information as it is a loss of time on the project.

Q: What does Negative Review Engagement mean and how does it work?

A: Negative Review Engagement means exactly what it sounds like. It gives you an opportunity to engage or make contact with someone who has left a negative review about your business and try to resolve it.

Let’s use the example of a Dentist. Suppose that he is a good dentist and has some very happy clients, but someone in his front office, let’s say as the receptionist, has been very rude with the people when it comes to paying their bill. They have our reputation-marketing program mounted on an iPad in the front office and while the customer is paying the bill, they decide to leave a review about the practice. They click on the rows of stars giving them a 1 or 2 star review for each of the 3 questions. The next screen pops up asking them to leave their phone number, name and email address and to write a paragraph or two about why they felt that way regarding the business. After this they hit the send button the dentist immediately gets a text message on his phone letting them know that one of his patients was unhappy with the service. He immediately leaves his desk where he was writing a report and comes out to the front office asking his patient what happened and pleading to know what he needs to do to get a better review. The person then tells the whole story about how rude the receptionist was and this is now a new revelation for the dentist. Now he has something to act on and he can solve a problem before the customer goes home, gets on the computer and tells the entire world about how rude this receptionist really was, driving away customers.

Negative review engagement is one of the most powerful features of our program and its entire purpose is to solve a problem as quickly as possible before it becomes a major problem broadcast all over the world.

Q: Can people give my business a review from their phone?

A: Yes, with our specialized program a poster, postcard, business card or letter with a QR Code that takes them to a website where they can leave a review, it is automatically formatted to fit any smart phone and makes it super easy to leave these reviews. This makes it super easy for them to communicate with you leave a review.

This works especially well in a number of situations. A restaurant can put up a Table Tent on the table asking for a review about the business. While a customer is waiting for the food to arrive, or after dessert when waiting for a check to come, they can fill out a review right then and there and it can get posted to the restaurants website before they even leave.

Other companies may use it by creating a business card for each employee whereby they are asked to give a review after they have installed something or performed some service. This way, if there is a problem, the owner will be notified immediately and can solve the problem quickly before it becomes a big problem.

Q: Are positive and negative reviews treated the same way? I only want the positive ones to show up at my website, is that possible?

A: This is one of the secrets and beauty of our software in that it treats positive and negative reviews in an entirely different manner.

Anyone who leaves a positive review, which we consider 4 stars above, are given an opportunity to place that review on their own Facebook page, telling their friends about your product or service. If they filled it out on an iPad or computer at the business, or used their smart phone or tablet to read a QR Code, after they are done an email is instantly sent to the email address that they put in when they filled out the form.

When they get to their home computer (or wherever that email address goes to) an email will be waiting for them thanking them for their business and for the review that they left. The information that they put in the review site is then visible on that email and the email also asks them if they wouldn't mind posting it on one of the other review sites that are listed below. Is a very simple point-and-click system and they can choose from one of 3 websites that are linked to your business such as Google+, Yelp.com, InsiderPages, MerchantCircle, Manta.com, etc. All they have to do is push the button and leave their review in one of these sites and this is how you increase the number of positive reviews about your business. While we know that everyone will not do this, it does make it very easy for customers to leave reviews on the correct pages that they need to be led to.

Now for those who enter in negative reviews, which we consider 3 stores are below, these follow a different path. First of all a text message and email will go to the principal address in the system whether it is the owner, Doctor, marketing manager, etc. and if they’re in the office the problem can be dealt with right away.

But suppose for a moment that they are not there, this is what happens. When they fill out the information explaining why they felt that way, that information is sent to the person mentioned above, and a Thank You page is then offered allowing them the chance to either redeem a coupon or some other incentive to come back to the business, but that is the end of the interaction with the customer. They are not given a 2nd chance to leave another negative review on one of the other major review sites. They may write all of the negative information that they wish to write and some of them get the impression that it is going on a website, but it is really just being sent in an email sent to the business owner so he can deal with it.

Q: Why are there 3 different QR Codes in your system?

A: The first one is one that is used on location in your business either from a desktop computer or a tablet device. When they are in your office and they fill out this information it allows for instant negative review engagements take place and also a good positive experience for those who've done well in their practice. When they get home they will get an email that allows them the opportunity to send another positive review, if they left a positive review, on a variety of review sites thereby increasing your reputation throughout the Internet.

The second one is one that you would send in an email to someone at their home location and the results are slightly different. Since they are there, they don’t need the notice about being at your business and so they are automatically offered the chance to leave another positive review on a review site.

The third QR Code is to take people to a special review page where they can leave a review right there on the website and it is sent to the owner for review.

Q: Can we focus on one review site over others to get more reviews on that site?

A: Yes, and this is a beautiful thing. Sometimes there are websites that are more critical of a business than others and for some reason people have congregated there as some sort of social hangout to complain about your business. Let’s presume for a moment that it is Yelp.com. If someone goes to Yelp.com and finds that half of the reviews are negative, then through our reputation marketing system at 5-StarMax, we will focus all of the positive reviews to go to Yelp.com and build up the ratio of positive to negative reviews. This can happen with any other review site and it is not limited to Yelp.com. The beauty of this is that overtime you will have a much higher positive reputation then you had before.

Q: Do you also post reviews to YouTube?

A: Yes, and we even go farther than that. YouTube has become the 2nd largest search engine in the world today. We have a system whereby it not only increases your visibility on Google through a variety of SEO terms (that you can specify), it also automatically creates testimonial videos from the previous testimonials written about your business.

Once you have had 20 reviews posted about your business, our software automatically takes those reviews and creates a short video that is then linked back to your website. This is a very powerful feature and one that few people realize it’s potential influence. In reality you can dominate a particular search term that you have always wanted to rank for with this method. It is also a fantastic way to increase the number of reviews to your practice or business.

Q: What happens when people leave a negative review in your system?

A: As mentioned above when people leave negative reviews, there is a notification instantly sent via text and email to the business owner so they can deal with the issue before it becomes a major problem online. When people leave a positive review they are given an opportunity to leave an additional positive review somewhere else online. When people leave negative reviews they are not given that automatic opportunity. Of course they are free to do as they wish and leave one if they want to, but our system does not make it as easy as it is to leave a positive one.

Q: Can I customize the 3 questions that are on the system to be what I want them to be?

A: Yes. These questions can be any type of question that you wish and are easily changed at any time. We want to make sure that the questions that are asked are specific to your type of industry and the wording and nomenclature of your business. It is best to have unique and powerful wording that can benefit and stimulate positive reviews and help you understand what is happening in your business.

Q: Do you provide a custom Thank You page for people who leave a negative review to encourage them to return to my business?

A: Yes. This custom thank you page is a powerful feature because the goal here is to try to save this customer if at all possible. Some people put a coupon or some other incentive to motivate them to come back to the company, and it is very important to do so. An unhappy customer is one that can cause you grief for years to come and studies have shown that even a single negative review can result in the loss of millions of dollars over the years. Make sure you take advantage of this custom feature because you want to save as many customers as possible.

Q: How do you integrate Social media in your review system?

A: There are a number of ways in which our system integrates social media into the review process. The first part of this occurs when someone is leaving their first review for your business for the first time. A window pops up asking for their authorization the place this review on the business’s website and their Facebook page and to use it in other marketing programs. If they agree to this then our system automatically puts it on the website and the business’s Facebook page. The customer is then given an opportunity to actually place an additional review on their own Facebook page and this allows their customers to see how happy they are with your business and is some excellent advertising for your practice.

A third way in which our system utilizes social media is that our specialized software searches the Internet every 3 to 6 hours looking for reviews posted about your business in hundreds of locations. If anything is found that is positive it is automatically posted on your business website testimonial page.

Q: Everybody claims to have the best product out there. Why should I use yours? What makes you better than the other guy?

A: We have done extensive studies regarding our competition and are confident in saying that we have the best there is. There are lots of other systems out there, which we definitely recognize, but there are several major differences regarding what we are offering and what they are offering. Some systems are extremely expensive and ours easily beats theirs in terms of price. But it isn't just the price because we have not found any other system that does everything that we do. Almost every other system does a few of the things that we offer, but no one offers the amount and range of services that we do. In fact, even the more expensive systems do not do everything that we do and this is a very critical thing. They are charging you more for doing less than we are.

We are very confident in saying you will not find any other system that does everything that we do, especially for the price that we charge.

Q: will I have to sign a contract working with you?

A: Yes. An online reputation marketing contract is a very useful tool for both the reputation marketing company and client. It will protect from unnecessary disputes, keep the client informed, and keep the company safe. Using reputation marketing contracts for every project is a good business practice for both big and small projects.

Q: Can I end the contract at any time?

A: Yes. Although they will be a small fee charged for every consecutive month that the contract has left to run. This is to protect both you and the Online reputation marketing company.

Q: How long does it take to build my 5-star reputation?

A: As you probably know, reputation (good or bad) cannot be built without you being noticed and spoken about. Reputation therefore wins business. This takes rime and effort but the end result is worth its weight in gold.

Invest in your reputation today and increase your revenue.

The most strategic business will survive. The businesses changing with the times will get more calls, get more callers to book appointments, get more appointments to show up, get more show up prospective customers to actually say YES.

Q: what is the minimum time i can sign up for reputation marketing to build my online reputation?

A: This is difficult to say as each business is different and the severity of the bad reviews or lack of it will determine how long it will take to fox the problems. Our clients usually choose between 8 months and 12 months contract. Some needs longer.

Q: Do you have a guarantee?

A: Yes. We have “The 5-Star Customer-focus Guarantee”

The 5-Star Guarantee

You get our 5-Star Customer-Focus  Guarantee which means you have a FULL 8 Weeks.  This means that if after that period you decide that you've made a mistake or you are not completely satisfied with our reputation marketing services we Will give you 100% of your money back (including the setup fee) No quibble, no question asked. If we don't deliver we don't deserve your money!

  • You get all the login details to all the directories we have setup for you. You can use them as you wish. No quibble, no question asked. I’ll be happy to return your money with a smile.
  • After a 8-weeks evaluating  period, you'll be so delighted with our  reputation marketing services, that you'll want to continue building your 5-star reputation online. During your contracted term, should you wish to cancel the service you can do so at anytime. However, there'll be a small cost for the period l left on the contract.
  • Before you commit to a contract, you can try our services for 2 months to see if it’s something that you want to commit to fully. This Guarantee is ideal for those who are looking for a trial of our services first.

Why we offer so much in our guarantee?

1) We want to completely be fair and transparent to you. Our aim is to work with you so you can get 10 times the investment back (And more) you are paying us to work on your project, and to build a long-term working relationship with you.

2) We also understand the anguish of working with a new Supplier for the very first time.

3) Should you wish to stop the project at anytime you can do so easily and quickly without any dispute?

3) And ultimately, we want you to have a peace of mind that you have chosen the right reputation marketing company to build your 5-star Reviews, build your online reputation and build your brand online.

Q: Is there a setup fee involved?

A: Yes. There is a small set-up fee involved. We will discuss this with you when we have a reputation planner meeting with you.

Q: I don't want my competitors to know what I am doing. Do you have a non-disclosure agreement?

A: All of my Clients are under NDA (Non Disclosure agreement. We don’t reveal any information about out Clients. It’s not in our clients best interest to do that. There is no reason why we should let anybody know about what it is we are doing and doing so successfully for our clients. And the companies out there who are telling about their clients is basically taking advantage of their client relationships. So we don’t reveal anything about our clients and we won’t reveal anything about your relationship with us. But what I can tell you is that collectively my partner and I have been in business for over 40 years and collectively we have hundreds of successful clients all over the world.

Q: Is it possible to hire you exclusively to build our 5-star reputation so we can dominate our market within a certain radius of out local business?

A: Yes we have an exclusivity service of customers who wants to take advantage of this service. A customer who chooses this service wants to dominate their local area with 5-star reviews within a radius of where their business is located. This service is ideal if you want to be business show their authority within your niche offline and online.

Q: Is there a way to track individual employees and how they treat customers?

A: This is another beautiful aspect about our system. Not only can you track every employee with their own QR Code, you can track specific rooms or offices in your practice. You can find out exactly where the problems lie and get a report on what is happening. We have one customer that installs garage doors and they had QR codes printed on the business cards for every single employee with which they gave the customer after they were done installing a garage door and asking for a review of how they did. It has completely changed the company and the conscientiousness of the employees.

Q: What do each of the items listed in your programs mean?

Client Branded Interface: The interface used to collect review information is branded to your liking with your own logo, photos and YouTube information.

Capture Real Time Reviews On Location: By using an iPad, tablet or desktop computer (usually placed near the receptionist or cashiers desk) the opportunity exists for customers to do a review on your business right there on location. The advantage of this is to find out if they had any negative experiences and to deal with them right away.

Mobile Phone and Desktop Deployment: The interface is both available on desktop, iPad and mobile phones for quick and easy access to leave review information.

POS Graphics for Mobile Deployment: We provide a graphic file necessary for you to either create a postcard, table tent, desktop poster, business card, etc. in order for a customer to make it easy for them to scan the QR code or to send a text message to access the review interface.

Audio Testimonials with Transcribed Reviews: We have the ability to take testimonials in via a special phone number assigned to the customer that are then automatically transcribed into text and placed on the businesses website. There is an extra fee for this service if used of $5 per review.

Customisation Settings to Control User Experience: There are multiple settings that can be adjusted for each individual client that we have to make it more suitable to their business. For example, some businesses would only want to show five-star reviews, some businesses do not want to use the negative review engagement section, some businesses want to have a QR code created for every single room, office, employee or branch, etc. These can all be customized specifically according to each individual client.

Negative Review Suppression and Engagement: If someone enters a negative review about a business (anything that is 3 stars or less) a text message and/or email message is sent immediately to the business owner notifying him/her of this problem. The business owner then has the opportunity to address the issue immediately with the client or customer (if they’re still in the office) or via phone call/email if they are at home. The importance of this cannot be overstated because it helps to prevent a problem from spreading outside of the office. If the customer is unhappy, the owner now has the ability to try to solve the problem before it becomes a much bigger problem.

Optional Text/Email Alerts for Negative Reviews: You can choose whether to send negative reviews via text or email to the business owners phone or email account. The sooner this information is acted on, the less chance of damage to your reputation will occur.

Posts of Google Optimized Reviews on Your Website: Our special review page is specifically set up in order to attract the attention of the search engines. Any reviews that are sent out about your business are placed on this review page helping you increase your visibility and standing with Google and other search engines. Since these are constantly being updated it provides additional content for the search engine spiders giving them reason to come back more often. This also helps in your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings online.

Business Website and Customer Facebook Integration: Any positive reviews can be instantly placed upon the business’s website, the business’s Facebook page and the customer has the opportunity to place it on their own Facebook page. When a customer does this, it gives the business additional marketing and advertising visibility because the customer has said something positive about you to all of their friends.

Custom Kiosk Video Creation with Reviews Integration: From your existing testimonials our system automatically creates a video with a QR code in the bottom right-hand corner that is shown on a continuous loop in your business’s front lobby (or anywhere else you wish). When customers are wandering around the showroom if they see a television or computer screen showing this video, they may be able to pause for a moment and look at the testimonials and, if they wish, use their QR code reader on their phone to access your online review site. This is just another way to increase customer’s pre-sales view of your business.

Organic Postings of Reviews from Customer IP Address: This is a very powerful feature of our program and one of the reasons we don’t break any terms of service with Google, Yelp.com or anybody else. Once they leave a positive testimonial on our system, they are sent an email quoting that exact same testimonial and thanking them for doing business with you today. They are then given an easy opportunity to place another positive review on one of 28 different review sites. We know that not everyone will take advantage of this but far more people will use the system then going out and putting them up on their own.

Detailed Client Reporting and Analysis in Real Time: With our system you will have detailed reports sent to you monthly and the ability to access anything you wish in real time. Any review that you want to have removed from the website can be done instantly. Our program also monitors up to 45 different websites and giving you detailed information about what is being said about your business and alerting you that there are negative reviews posted. All 45 sites are review sites but only 28 of them have the capability to post reviews on them. We monitor all the sites and give you reports on all the activity.

Conversion Tracking of Review Site Postings: This system is not yet fully implemented to track from beginning to end the entire review process clear up to making a sale, but will be soon.

Up To 28 Review Sites and Posting Rotation: Your business is already listed on hundreds of directories and review sites. Although we claim up to 45+ of them, part of the service we offer is we go out and claim up to 28 different review sites that allow reviews and put a link to them in the email sent to the customer when they give you a positive review giving an easy opportunity for them to leave another one on one of the sites. Our goal is to build a five-star reputation for your business on all of these review sites give you the best possible exposure on all of them and thereby increasing your favor-ability with potential new customers.

24/7/365 Review Monitoring with Alerts on This Number of Sites: Each of these review sites is monitored 24 hours per day/7 days per week/365 days per year and alerts are sent to you when anything negative is posted about you. Many businesses have claimed that they didn’t know anything about a review that may have been left even 3 years before, and an unanswered negative review left for potential customers to read all drive away business. In this manner, you will have the opportunity to deal with an issue as quickly as possible.

Multiuser Segmented Access: Each employee, room, department or manager can have their own specific QR code so that they can be properly monitored regarding customer reviews of them. This is a very important feature so that you may know who is performing at their best and treating the customers the way they want to be treated.

Multiuser Segmented Reporting: Each of these employees, rooms departments or managers will have an individualized report of their activity that can then be used in managing them and your expectations of them in the future.

Personalized Dashboard to Control System Functionality: The dashboard to your account is personalized toward your business and to what you want your employees to see.

Competition Audit (Search Ranking Report): We will provide for you a report showing exactly how you rank in comparison to your competition and the number of positive/negative reviews you have shown on which directories. This will help in planning the means necessary to reach the highest rankings for those specific directories using our reputation-marketing program.

Google Plus Local Listing and Optimization: We will claim this site and optimize it for your business following the best practices recommended by Google. Then when customers leave reviews about your practice or business, they will show up on this Google plus page and attract not only additional customers, but a higher page ranking for your business.

Number of Directory Sites Claimed, Optimized: We will claim and optimize up to 28 different sites for your business (we monitor 45+ directory sites but they do not all allow review postings on them). These include businesses such as Manta, Merchant Circle, Insider Pages, Kudzu and others. Once potential customers search for products or services on these type of websites, they will find that your business has five-star reviews and be more inclined to seek out your products and services over your competitors.

24/7/365 Directory Site Monitoring on These Sites: Each of these sites are also in our 24/7/365 monitoring system to make sure that what is being said about you is positive. If not, you will get a report allowing you the opportunity to deal with the issue by either contacting the customer or at least responding to the reviews.

Monthly Online Visibility Report: Every month you will get a new report detailing what your current visibility is and what has happened over the previous month.

Custom Videos Featuring Testimonials for Search Optimization: This is a very unique feature of our system and one that very few people know about. YouTube has become the 2nd biggest search engine on the Internet but most businesses have failed to realize its potential. Our system automatically takes the previous 20 positive reviews and creates a video that is optimized to the search terms that you desire. It places photos and music in the video and gives you the opportunity to be ranked very highly for any search term you wish. This is one of the most powerful features available in the market today. It does not require any video editing skills nor time to hire video designers to create it.

Client Branded Reputation Marketing Staff Training: Most business owners understand the importance of our system but are concerned as to how to train their employees to use it. Many businesses do not have any training program for their employees in how to deal with customers or how to motivate them to leave any reviews. We have a very specific training program that is branded to your business and offers you an opportunity to teach each one of your employees by having them watch 40 minutes of videos, and then taking a test with the results sent to the business owner. The purpose of this is not to fire an employee but to train them. If the do not do well on the test, they can then take it over again.

Unlimited Upgrades and Enhancements: All of our systems are constantly being upgraded and improved due to the latest changes in technology and every one of these will be automatically implemented within your system.

Unlimited Phone & Email Support: all of our programs have unlimited email support but only the Gold program offers unlimited phone support.