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reputation marketing for busy women entrepreneurs

The World Wide Web is becoming a place of the untouchable where others feel that they can dig a hole in the online sphere and bury themselves in it and use social media platforms to spit venom to destroy women entrepreneur’s lives and hard earned businesses."

I can hear and feel the thumping of my heart as I read one story after another about the struggles of Lady Entrepreneurs juggling 100 balls with one hand, with enormous business and work life responsibilities, feeling isolated, has fear of failure pain, loss of reputation, income and in some cases even lives.

I feel your pain because I am a Woman too.

But when our reputation is being attacked, one thing is for certain, you'll fight for what you believe in and what you stand for.

Things are Changing Rapidly in the Online World for Women Entrepreneur's


Because technology has continued to move on past that era and the culture has changed. As a women entrepreneur it’s important today to keep up with the trends and be ready to adapt to them if you want to protect your online reputation. One way to address these changes presently is to develop a solid reputation marketing strategy.

Here’s the Big Problem

Across the internet, sites are pre-populating pages with your business and personal data. As a result of this non-permission data, there are sites that have your personal and business information everywhere.

And to make matters worse, there’s very little you can do about it. Your business information is public knowledge, and whilst you want your business information to be public knowledge, your personal information you want to keep it personal.… Now can you imagine the enormous problems that come with this pre-population of information?

Let me start by sharing with you three of them.

The First Big Problem

One of the biggest threats to your business’s reputation both online and offline is no reputation marketing strategy. This problem can be critical. There are dozens of review directory sites now where anyone can go and leave a comment.

Can you imagine having to manage dozens of different profiles for your business on a regular basis, adding content, updating, monitoring… and if you have multiple locations, this could add enormous pressure on your resources.

The Second Big Problem

The second problem that pops up is the wide-spread of reviews on so many different sites. We recently met with a client who thought he had about 5 negative reviews online. When we conducted our analysis, we discovered over 18 negative reviews that he didn't even know existed.

The first page of a search is valuable real estate since about 80% of people don't click past it. Learn about the different tools that can help you here.

Problem – Bad Reviews Add Up

When bad reviews add up and online reputations are significantly impacted, businesses get a bad name. Reviews serve an important function—they let you know about problems in your business (including consumer perceptions that need to be corrected), they provide valuable insight into your business and where it’s failing.

Everyone is subject to having a negative review written about them, but it’s how we manage our reputation that is crucial.

So here’s The Solutions

Our safeguard your Reputation services for busy women entrepreneurs are made up of several modules that are 50 times more effective that many automated reputation systems out there. Our service modules are developed in a structured and cohesive way that broken down into reputation processes that focuses on marketing your reputation.

That’s exactly why Welcome Social Media has a special team specifically to handle online reputation marketing for you - helping you with a thoughtful and strategic approach to protect monitor and manage your reputations online to avoid leaving yourself vulnerable to others, whether by criticism or other comments.

The Value We Deliver

We are reaching out and offering reputation marketing services to busy women entrepreneurs who are passionate about marketing their online reputation effectively to improve their outreach and economic status, who has little or no reviews and needs to build up their reputation up online.

You've excellent 4 & 5 star reviews and need a new way to market those reviews to attract more clients.  Our proprietary system is used by dozens of professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives to monitor, safeguard and protect their business online.

Unlike traditional systems, which takes hundreds of man hours, which only offer a fraction of what we offer, this professional reputation marketing system, methods and structures work for you if you want a hands free reputation services. We do most of the work for you.

Our Reputation Pest Control for women entrepreneurs digest

1) (RPC). Reputation Pest Control: Find out who’s been talking about you/your brand in a comment, review or post in real time by using our sophisticated proprietary system and other tools to detect, alert and monitor damaging comments.

2) Defend: Use effective reputation marketing strategies to dilute negative comments and encourage positive ones to protect you/your business, nurture and grow your outreach to maximise your online 5 star reputation to attract new customers, and the right kind of customers more often.

3) SUPPORT: To provide trusting and lasting support to address issues and challenging problems you may encounter with working on your online reputation.

NO One Size Fit-for-all Marketing

My requirement is that - You've been in business for a year or more. You understand that your company’s website can’t be your only online presence.

You want to build a robust online presence, but the lack of reputation marketing know-how and lack of time that can be allocated to reputation marketing for your brand are strong difficulties you face.

You understand the power of social media. And you have a firm grip on WHY you do what you do, and why securing your online reputation is the smart choice today

Meet Claudine Waskowycz Reputation Marketing Strategist:

Claudine is a passionate, caring reputation strategist. She is devoted to helping busy women entrepreneurs with simple, effective and affordable reputation marketing solutions.

Her reputation marketing services will work for you if identifying, assessing, and mitigating reputation risks online is important to you. And you want to ensure that the hard work spent in building up your reputation ‘offline’ is not compromised in any way by what happens online?

You’re lack of time is one of your greatest challenges, leaving you no time to manage and market you/your business reputation online.

Claudine has a wealth of knowledge and stand head and shoulders along with some of the most knowledgeable reputation marketing people out there.

Learn more about our services here.

Do you want your company's great reputation to be more visible to potential customers online? Then learn more here.