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 Reputation Mistakes Can Be Costly to Your Business

Whether or not “Defending your brand” is on your priority list, the reputation marketing is expanding at an unprecedented, almost unbelievable, pace all around B2B organisationsMission critical factor, by now doubt, changes the protect and guard your brand.

A bad reputation can cost an organisation millions of pounds in lost sales each year. With text messaging, social media and video’s word gets around faster than ever worldwide. When you have an angry customer, all hell let loose, they can spit venom faster than a snake.

When a crisis or emergency erupts - Tools to boost  your reputation 

It's your duty to right that wrong. Think about this for a second. A crisis can include anything from a simple website outage to negative publicity, to a competitor attack. This is real life we are talking about here … It happens and we have to deal with it.

Therefore when a crisis or emergency erupts, the power of social media can be an amazing tool for businesses. For example: Google’s recent implementation of social media in their search results brings real time conversation to the front page.

Don't let one bad review influence hundreds of potential customers. Avoid making reputation mistakes at all cost.

 “Consider the following scenarios that can affect your online reputation: You have collected a couple testimonials but haven’t looked at how to maximize the positive word about your company online.

A few customers didn't like how their problem was resolved, and now you seem to be getting booed across Twitter, Facebook and every other social media platform. A sensitive issue has been misunderstood, and before you know it dozens of bloggers have written about you – and your online reputation read the FQA here. 

Avoiding reputation mistakes: Negative reviews can be detrimental to your business. It is up to you if you want to take the appropriate action weather that be choosing us or someone else to restore your online reputation mistakes.

Leave to fester and it can hurt your business substantially so I think a warning is in order before you continue reading this reputation marketing article. I also want to let you know this reputation marketing article is a scale-down version of the negative effect of what bad reviews can do to your business.

I am writing this for a number of reasons, but mostly since I see too many people who have a successful business and not paying a blind bit of notice about their reputation online simply because they think it will just go away by it self.

Best solution to put out the light on damaging reviews

Well it does not go away by itself and can hurt your business. “However, my desire to help you clean up bad reviews and monitor and act on what’s being said about your company online is transparent and will offer the best solution to put out the light on those reviews.”  

How does it work? Online reputation marketing is a discreet solution that works by “Push Down” from search results the links to damaging content in news articles news reports, user reviews, forum and blogging sites.

Video’s and images can also be a source of negative reviews and these are also buried from the search results. The result is the offensive material becomes almost impossible to find.

Feel free to just pick up the phone and dial my office: 01908- 410-335 for a strategy session. So what are some best practices you can take away from these examples? Social media is here to stay.

If your fans and followers are unhappy with your service or product, they have the right to make negative comments – it’s your company’s job to turn those reputation mistakes around and defend brand to change it from a critical situation to a positive situation. Rebuilding your company's reputation and image from reputation mistakes

 “Our customers speak to us most loudly through their actions and their expectations. And their message is clear: In this new normal, real-time is the only speed. Even beloved brands like Google are retooling their offerings to deal with our growing levels of impatience.

Whereas it used to take seconds to yield over a million results to search queries, they now appear instantaneously. Google’s search enhancement, Google Instant, displays search results while users are still typing their search queries.

After all, in a manic, multitasking world, we can no longer spare the time to finish our questions before the answers are supplied to us. Google explains that it's “pushing the limits of its technology to get better search results, faster.” But in this high-expectation, low-threshold world, it’s not only companies that are pushing the envelope but the market that’s pushing companies to do better, and far faster.” Quoted by Christina “CK” Kerley

There are simply measures you can put in place to monitor whats being said about your business online and respond to negative comments, tweets, mentions, and reviews on your company’s profiles in a timely manner.

Social media is real-time, so the faster, quicker and easier you respond to serve your customers, the better you’ll win your customers hearts, minds and market share.

We monitor what’s being said online, in order to give you the opportunity to act swiftly. We work with word of mouth websites to help you maximize the positive word about your company online and manage your online reputation.

Clients come to us after they find negative information about their them/brand in search engine results. We focus on the precise problem; we then put in place a reputation marketing campaign to dilute, safeguard and nurture reputations and relationships.

By monitoring on a daily basis (24/7), this type of reputation marketing campaign can prevent negative reviews getting out of hand. Feel free to just pick up the phone and dial my office at 01908 - 410-335 for a strategy session.

Here are some data I gathered from Google:


Here are some of the reputation marketing services we handle for our Clients: